Sunday, August 2, 2009

In response to laurens post...

this is in regards to laurens post on my sisters keeper. was going to be a comment but i decided it was too long. read the post here : <> warning, spoilers.

i went into it actually thinking i was going to hate the movie, but wanting to love it. it turns out, thats what im buying myself for christmas this year lol.

i agree with the jesse comment. he didnt light any fires, he was too young to live outside the main house, and he didnt do drugs.:\ (cannot believe im actually pissed off that someone doesnt do drugs lol).

In the novel kate was suicidal... but not emo if i remember correctly. and i thought it was good how the movie stuck to jodi picoults way of telling the story from each different person's point of view. and i thought it was cool how they used the scrapbook thingo to do that too. that was actually an awesome idea.

and im actually really glad cameron diaz had the role of sara now. she just pulled it off really well even though we all expected her to absolutely kill the movie.

i loved this movie more than i love a walk to remember. so thats saying something. lol. sorry this comment is so long... love you.


Lauren said...

I need to read it again, lol. I haven't in so so long, like a year and half.

It was the greatest movie ever.

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