Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear so and so...

Dear Unis,

I'm sorry i'm scared of you. its not your fault.


Dear phone,

would you please stop vibrating when i dont have a message? its annoying.



Dear chocolate pudding,

you were yummy. i think i'll make another one of you soon cos you taste so good :D


Dear Tully,

while i am enjoying your story, it is depressing and i wish to finish reading about you soon. why isnt your book shorter?


Dear tomorrows brownies,

im sorry you will no longer be raspberry spiked. i cannot be bothered walking for an hour all up hill in order to go get some.



Dear stress inducing people,

cut it out, im stressed enough already.


Dear stuff i know but wish i didnt,

shush. i dont want to deal with you. go away or shut up.


Dear iPod,

what happened to my good music? why wont you play it?


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