Monday, August 3, 2009

down where the city meets the sea i sit and daylight speaks to me...

i dont understand people sometimes. everyone is so contradictory. we say one thing, we mean another. do we ever actually tell people what we really mean, what we really feel? and if we do... do we ever actually get the same response from them?

if you ever stop and think about it, how many lies do we tell everyday? and why? because we dont want people to know the truth. that deep down, we just dont really care enough to tell people whats going on. or maybe that we're just too scared that if we do, they will be the ones who dont care. And if we opened up, told the truth and were just brushed off, how would that make us look or feel?

maybe we're all just too sensitive to what other people think of us, or the way other people act towards us.


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