Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm all for believing, i'm all for believing...

'Your Nanna is right. You don't go out much for a 17 year old.'

That's what you said. That's what you told me.

'Hey, I was thinking of going to the year 12 drama performance Wednesday night.'

But oh no, I can't do that. Of course not. Because who will babysit? Hmm? Didn't think of that did you?

I couldn't possibly go out.

What was I thinking?

And I'm working what time on the weekend?

Oh, well that just doesn't fit in at all, does it?

No, of course not.


Seriously, Ben Feldman...
Doesn't everyone think he's hotter than oh... I don't know, a GOAT?

We were talking before about this guy on Australian Idol. Called Seth. And she says 'Yes, but is he as hot as a goat?'

Dunno about you babe, but I tend to go for guys over goats :P


shootingatspiders said...

i didnt say that exactly
i just typed the emote of a goat. and i definitely meant in the eyes of another goat.
but you have to ignore that anyway lol, i was just so excited to find i have a goat emote!
and it RHYMES!!

Leish said...


shootingatspiders said...

not only does it rhyme, it rhymes both ways around,and makes sense both ways around!!!
'goat emote'
'emote of a goat'

gosh, its fascinating.

I'm so happy my seminar is finished.

Lauren said...

lol wut?

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