Monday, August 3, 2009

the part of you that'll never show, you're the only one that'll ever know...

it annoys me the way you think you can just remove yourself from the situation. if you are now saying you weren't directly involved then, why were you mad at me then? why did you chose to take sides? why did you back me into a corner? why did you fight me? why did you make me feel unwelcome every time i went near you? why did you ignore me? why did you treat me like you hated me?

you cant behave the way you did and then turn around and say that you were not directly involved. you helped make my life a living hell for weeks. you were part of something that made me cry myself to sleep for weeks, that made me distance myself from the people closest to me, that made me hurt myself, and that hurt me more than you can even imagine, while you went around bitching about me and ignoring me. if you weren't directly involved... what were you? how do you explain the way you behaved towards me?

i just... dont understand...


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