Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear so and so...

Dear Low Carb Diet Website,

You fail. All of your information is different to all of the other websites Lauren has been using for her nutrition. Learn the truth!


Dear school computers,

You are slow and it is annoying me. Also, why can't i view my own blog? -cries-


Dear iPod,

You keep playing the crappy songs I own. Can you not play something decent once in a while? Please?


Dear Time Out Bar,

You were yummy :D


Dear Glitta,

You said you were coming to supervised today. Naughty girl.


Dear Egyptian Gods,

I don't really care about you. You can go die. Oh wait, you already did.

PS. Min: Put it away. we don't all want to see... :


Dear school work,

You are boring. Please do yourself, cos I cannot be bothered.


Dear story,

Please read my mind so that i can stop actually writing you.


Dear Jump 5,

Get a better band name.


Dear pencil,

You are on my desk but you do not belong to me. Go away?


Dear time,

Please slow down a little...? Stop going so fast...


Dear soup,

I want to eat you. You will be yummy.


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