Friday, August 28, 2009

i dont know whats real, won't you tell me how you feel...

I swear to God, today was the best most bludgiest day i've had in quite a while. Yeah, youre all thinking 'you were at school... how is that possible?'

but seriously right.

We had extended home group which consisted of eating chips out in the sun whilst pretending to study for psych so that we had an excuse if any teachers decided to yell at us which of course none did cos me and Princess are like star students who could -never- do anything wrong. of course not. *shifty eyes*

Then we had double supervised study, during which Princess and I went to the library and read Wuthering Heights. (We're both reading it at the same time lol).

And then recess. Which I don't even remember except that i sat out in the sun and it was warm and i wished i'd worn a t-shirt. (no i was not half naked... i just wasnt wearing a t-shirt under my jumper lol). I think i talked to evil witch(who happens to be one of my best friends whom i love not an actual bitch lol) and Queen Bee... maybe...? oh yeah, we were talking about saving Lisa from Queen-Abs. lol.

Anywho, then I had double biology in which Lorna, Mark and I finished two work sheets in like five minutes, went to the library and spent about ten minutes briefly researching the acvhievments of seven biologists, and then convinced our relief teacher to let us sit outside and play hang man on lorna's iPhone for the rest of the double.

Then Lunch... I dont even remember. Ancient Studies we sat and listened whilst Clark informed us of the multiple times he's almost been killed whilst travelling (this included 2 incidents with machine guns being heald to his head, another incident with a 9millimetre pistol, and yet another where he was almost killed in a 'mafia warfare' knife fight). Supposedly the penalty for playing cards on a train in certain parts of vietnam is death. have fun with that.

Anyway, Princess and I spent English talking and laughing and reading the oh so hilarious gifts given to us by mr Akele this morning. which was quite hilarious. According to this book, things like cuddling, kissing and massages are sex. Hmm... I guess we all lost our virginity the first time our mummys cuddled us after we were born. just a little disturbing fact for you to think about.

Anywho, then xs tonight which was chill, cept now i have a headache. But The K-Man enjoyed himself so thanks everyone for making him welcome lol.


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