Monday, August 31, 2009

i killed myself from the inside out, and all my fears have pushed you out...

you know sometimes i think i stick my foot in it a bit too much...

I mean i know i do. a lot.

I'm just... well to be honest, a little stupid.

like seriously, i don't think i think before i speak.

i just open my mouth a a whole rush of verbal diarrhoea just comes tumbling out.

Sorry, now im going to entertain you with a small little ftory of stupidity/verbal diarrhoea...


It was the first time she'd met his parents. She was sitting beneath a tree on a warm summers' day. He was the only person she knew, among the twenty or so other people there. She was sitting beside him around a picnic rug, passing chocolate cookies to his sister and stepmother.

Stepmother was saying something about pink fluffy handcuffs but of course she wasn't really getting the point of the conversation.

'Oh yeah,' she piped up. 'I know heaps of police officers. I could get my hands on some handcuffs if i ever needed them.'

Look around, see stepmother, him, and sister all staring at you, watching the cogs tick over in her head. Wait for the red to start creeping into cheeks...

'whoops... so anyone want another cookie?'


Oopsie daisy :D

-2 days-


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