Monday, August 17, 2009

and give me your best lie love, cos im holding a crystal glass dove in my hand and if it falls its my fault...

Steadily, studiously place everything into a box. another box to add to the rows of boxes on your bedroom shelves, and in your mind. another day passed, more things to forget. its not as easy as you might think to just pack up the thoughts the day left on your mind when you fell asleep, exhausted from your tears, induced by the sleeping pills you keep beside your bed.

just pack it all away. 'im alive and i am free' thats not going to be you. because you arent as weak as they were. you have a life to live. you have people who love you just like you loved them.

just put away those memories, store them on your forbidden shelf in your forbidden box... wait until this time next year before you touch it, before you bring it out again....


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