Saturday, January 31, 2009

no matter where you are, you're my guiding star...

im sorry im hurting you. I'm sorry for it all. I'm sorry that everything I do brings pain. Not just to you, but to so many people.

I'm sorry.

What if things can never change? What if they always need to be a certain way and things can't happen like we would like? What if it has to be this way forever?

What if life is this way for a reason? And nothing ever gets better? Or changes? Or goes our way?

What if the greatest force in the universe is against everything we've all dreamed?

What if things do change? But not the way you want it to?

What if they change in a completely different way to how i want or you want or he wants or they want?

What if you're happy? Well... I'll be happy for you...

But that will be hard...

What if you change your mind?

What if we should just stop trying?

What if this works?

what if i love you...?


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