Friday, January 30, 2009

nothing's going to change waiting for yesterday...

My name is Leisha. Well, Leisha Nicole. But really, who actually uses their middle names? Well, I guess some people do... But anyway, that's not the point. I'm sixteen years old and I am in year 11. And... Well, in short that's all that there really is to know about me.

I am rather boring.

School. Hmm... Well, my only thoughts on that matter over the past week have pretty much been something along the lines of 'Omg it's so hot. I so don't want to goooooooooo....' as i have pointed out multiple times. Then again, everyone agrees with me so... yeah lol.

But my classes are pretty good. And Lauren and I are skilled enough to be in six out of our seven subjects together, the only real difference being that where I have English, she has photography (she did yr 11 english last year). But aside from that, we're together in all our lessons.

Which involve, two different food subjects (food technology and food and catering), as well as Modern History, Legal studies, Yr 12 Psychology and supervised study (yay! not...).

Modern History has been good so far. Mr Clark is a really interesting teacher, he has heaps of stories to tell and spends most of our lessons (of the two we've had so far lol) talking. Besides, he says we can eat in his class so long as we don't eat chips or pies (cos they'll make him hungry lol). Like seriously today, we're talking about slavery and human rights and hanging people, and he just reaches into his desk drawer and starts eating banana chips. And nuts and such. Besides, we get to study hippies. WOOT! (Yes I know that means Want One Of Those, and no I do not want a hippy, lol, im just excited lol)

Also, somehow he just gets onto the weirdest tangents. For instance today we were discussing hanging people as i said, and it was pretty feral, Mr Clark sure didn't spare us any details. And then, for some reason he randomly starts talking about deoderant ads. And in his exact words 'Seriously, they spray deoderant and five seconds later everyone is getting laid.' Pause for whole class to laugh/be astonished that this just came out of his mouth. 'Now, I always wear deoderant and nobody ever jumps me from the shadows... At least not in the past forty years...'

Yeah, Mr Clark is random and rather funny. But Modern History is so far an enjoyable lesson.

Legal Studies has also been heaps good. We have Mr Tiede who has been my sose teahcer in both year eight and ten. And he is a heaps good teacher, we like love Mr Tiede. So far, Legal has been interesting. We've already learnt a fair bit. And we've only had like two lessons lol. But we have text books... And they're heavy... ~cries~ Lol, oh well. I'm really looking forward to this one though. Legal should be interesting and I'm actually looking forward to being in that class.

Actually... I'm kinda looking forward to it all.


shootingatspiders said...

me too :)
isnt it a nice change lol.

I guess its cos we got almost total control this year, so we aren't having anything like chinese forced down our throats.

We really should make it a ritual to pring chocolate and pringles to the modern double :D


PS humid

lovereigno'erme said...

mr clarke is gold.

Leish said...

omg yes. however, i cant supply it this year lol. long story.

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