Monday, January 19, 2009

my internal war of heart and soul...

I miss him. So shouldnt say that, or much of what i have said on here, cos he is going to find it eventually. and read it eventually. He will...

But I miss him...

I wish I didn't. Although I'm not surprised that I do. This was never going to be easy.

BWO (big week out) started tonight. YAY! only proving that essentially this was the right choice for me. In a battle of heart and soul your soul has to win out in the end. Yeah i know i sound like either a stupid religious fanatic or a teenager in love. Or probably a combination of both. Well, i'm not sure what is true anymore.

Its been a huge day and im exhuasted, i might get back to this later. For now im just hoping that sleep will come tonight, as it has opted not to for the past week or so.

Rather hyped up,

Leish xox


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