Wednesday, January 28, 2009

feeling hot hot hot

Oh. My. Gosh.

It is so hot.

And they're going on about how theres a heat wave in Victoria! It's not even hot there, its only 41. i would KILL for 41. and for the rest of the week its like 30. how exactly is that a heatwave? im like... Going to die.

I hate summer.

Then again im at lauren's and she has a pool. so, as long as i can be here its not so bad. lol. but its still hot when youre not in the pool.

You know we have every class except one together this semester. its so great lol. i love it.

Because i'm like scared of the mainstream kids in our year. theyre not exactly bright and it gets frustrating.

going back in pool yay


lovereigno'erme said...


And yes, I'm so happy I have like, someone in every class. Last year I had a few classes nearly by myself with so many populars. :'(

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