Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another day in the sun...

Oh and when I say that, I mean in the sun.

It is soooooooo hot.

I'm serious. Enough about the stupid brain wave... er not brain wave, heatwave. Enough about the stupid heat wave in Melbourne, we've had record breaking temperatures. Last night was the hottest night Adelaide has ever had. And I'll have you know I spent the whole time... well almost all of it aside from the couple of minutes here or there that i actually slept. but i spent the whole time thinking about you.

That wasn't my point though, so you can all just ignore that. My point was, it is hot. So insanely hot. We're had temperatures of above 45 degrees. Like omg hot.

And I don't like the heat, it makes me cranky. More cranky than usual. cranky with you, definitely cranky with you but you know that this is that time of year for me to get cranky with you cos you do stupid things at this time of year... And you, i truely am sorry for getting cranky with... It just sucks. And i am sorry to you that i have been so cranky and probably annoying, because you don't need it. Nor do you actually deserve it.

The weather is annoying.

Hence, I love winter. Or spring. Or autumn. But not summer.

Not summer.


shootingatspiders said...

not the italics and bold and underline again :S
oh dear...

will you tell me if im one of them lol?


PS reption

lovereigno'erme said...

Am I one of those yous?


Leish said...

no neither of you. if it were you two you'd hear about it. trust me. i wouldnt be putting it on my blog without mentioning both of your names.

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