Tuesday, February 3, 2009

without me you've got it all....

I'm tired. I'm so insanely tired. I am tired of not sleeping, and tired of dealing with people, and tired of pretending to be happy.

I'm tired of being here. And i'm tired of all of this.

Mentally, emotionally, I cannot take anymore.

This is all... too much... far too much...

And i miss you. I shouldn't. But i do.

You drive me insane. I literally find it hard to sit there and listen to everything you say, because not only does it never end, but also its never about anythign important. I'm going to sound like a stupid selfish little brat... But... You only ever talk about a) nothing/crap, b)stories we've heard a million times and don't WANT to hear again or c) yourself.

I listen to you. Okay? I do. Sometimes... As much as i can bear to.

But don't expect me to smile and be cheery and chirpy every second of the day. Because right now, even if i look happy, im not.

Right now, everything is hard. And everything hurts.


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