Monday, February 2, 2009

please lay down your arrows, cos they're sure to pierce the skin...

But its not about your heart is it?

'It breaks my heart to see you two...'

I'm sorry. But its not about your heart. Its not about you. Its not about how YOU feel.

In fact, guess what? ITS NOT ABOUT YOU AT ALL!!!

It's not about your heart, or your pain. Because what ever pain you're feeling, however hurt you are by this, it has nothing to do with you. Nothing.

This is not 'beautiful agony' sweetie. Take it from me, from him, this pain, this agony is anything but 'beautiful'. It is so far from being beautiful that its just not f***ing funny.

I'm sorry, I know I probably sound hurtful. And this entire blog is going to sound terrible. Mean. And probably stupid. But that hurt me. It really did. To hear you, talk about your pain, and your 'broken heart' and all this s*** and its all about YOU.

What about him?

What about me?

What on earth does this even have to do with YOU?

Is it really that hard to just for once mind your own business? Did you want to consider the fact that maybe i'm trying really hard to deal with my own pain, my own ugly heartbreaking agony right now, that i really DONT CARE about yours in regards to this subject? In fact, in regards to this subject... only two of us really matter. And aside from me and him, this doesnt really have any affect on anyone, and nobody else really has the right to express any pain.

This is about us. Not about you.

I'm sorry if it hurts to read this, and i love you. But is it really that hard to just stay out of it for once? It has nothing to do with you, and you can't just say 'i know how you feel' cos guess what. You dont. Okay? You have no idea how I feel. I am the one in this situation. He is the one in this situation. How I feel, how he feels, that is what matters.

NOT you and your 'beautiful agony'. FFS, it's not 'beautiful' there is nothing at all beautiful about it.

It is f***ing painful. It hurts ike hell on fire. It is ugly, heart breaking agony. And you haven't got a clue what it feels like.


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