Monday, February 9, 2009

i'd love to say it meant nothing to me...

Or at the very least that i was over it... But i can't be.

And I know that i don't have the right to be cranky anymore. Not with you, not that i ever really did... But i know that you understood why i was. I don't have that right anymore though, and i shouldn't be this upset or this frustrated.

I spent all day wanting to talk to you. All day just in a bit of a blur, not able to focus on much of anything except getting home so that i could talk to you. And then i got home, only to find out that we were going to be out and i couldn't talk to you... And i know that you can't just talk to me all the time and you have homework and that you're sick of having people on your case all the time and such. i'm just... selfish.

You know i really am. I think that i'm the most selfish, selfcentred person i know. I care about everyone i know more than myself... but... when it comes to you... i am so selfish... And i really shouldnt be, and dont deserve to be for all i've done.

i'm sorry...


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