Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i've seen love die way too many times when you deserved to be alive...

i get. you love her. you want to look after her. you want to protect her. i get it.

but you have no consideration at all for the way other people might be feeling.

that had nothing at all to do with her. that should have been fairly obvious. if you read it, it would have been obvious. and if you had read it, it also would have been obvious that i was going through some shit at the moment and that i didn't really need you making accusations.

thank you. thank you so much.

im sick of it. im sick of people judging me. im sick of people talking shit about me. im sick of people putting me down. im sick of having no sense of self worth because everytime i start to build myself up, people tear me down. so thank you. thank you so much.
-1 day-


shootingatspiders said...


I love you!

I was gonna say something else, but essentially thats the bit that matters.
I'm almost finished writing out your song. Do you want a cello in it? or something more interesting than just piano and guitar?

Cos I want your input on this...

PS I am totally gonna record it for you some time in the holidays...I hope

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

uhh i dont know...? what ever you do? lol... i have no idea. and naww, thank you :) i love you too

Ben said...


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