Friday, September 18, 2009

I remember her when she was sweet and innocent. back when both of us had OCD and used to spend out lunch times cleaning our trays and sneaking into the classroom to get skipping ropes without getting caught.

And yet tonight i'm with her, she keeping me away from Princess cos she hates her (sorry babe, but you know... lucky you? lol), dancing, her telling not only me, but also anyone else who will listen that she's busy juggling eight guys and that she's going to get laid before her next birthday.

to be fair, she does have five on the go, an ex chasing her and two others supposedly chasing her.

her life is... well crazy. she's gone from being sweet and innocent to.. well to be frank, a bit of a skank. we're dancing and she says things like 'i should have worn more slutty clothes' and 'ohh that guy is hot... i want to hook up with someone while im here.'

she complained that i wouldnt let her take her shirt off. and im like... how often do you dance shirtless...? :S

she was telling me about all her various hook ups. and how her best friend was practising undoing bras on her and decided to grope her. and how she was at the beach with another guy and how he undid her bikini and felt her up on the beach.

about one of the guys shes sort of dating who wants to hook up with her, grope her and finger her in front of his friends.

she made me help her decide which guys she's going to convince to have sex with her. she told me about all of her drunken parties...

she told me about the internet guys and her exes.

and my god...

im sorta scared... :S

in other news, i miss him :(
-20 days-


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