Saturday, September 12, 2009

sometimes your first scars won't ever fade away...

i am monica.
seriously. i was watching friends and in season 10 there's this scene where monica and pheobe are trying to avoid seeing this chick who used to live in their building that they don't like who has just moved back from england. and this chick calls monica and chandlers apartment and monica and pheobe are standing around listening to her message and then chandler picks up on the other line and monica has to talk to her.
and so she says no, this chick cant come over then. its a bad time.
but then she goes 'sure, dinner tomorrow night counds great'
and when she hangs up pheobe is all like 'YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SAY NO!'
and she goes 'I couldn't say no to her twice in a row. i just have this uncommon need to please people...'
-14 days-


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