Sunday, September 27, 2009

and this is why we are as we are...

because you don't trust me. even though im pretty much the most compliant person on the earth. as glitter says; im incapable of saying no.

hey, can i hurt you? sure, go right ahead. just watch it, im still a little sore from last time. oh wait, you just hit that spot. of course.

hey, can i take everything you've got? of course, no problem.

hey, can i tear your heart out? go right ahead.

can i rip you to shreds and leave you in pieces on the ground? sure, what else have i got to do with my life other than pick up the torn shreds of what i was before you came anywhere near me?
-29 days-


shootingatspiders said...

we shall call you the wizard of oz, and call me rosie. Saw whatsisface on sunday again... definitely call me rosie, i need an actual rose to match my glasses... and he needs a codename... :S <3gliTter

shootingatspiders said...

and charming says whatsisface is a great codename.
i think we can think of better :P

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