Wednesday, September 16, 2009

it's been a long time coming down this road, and now i know...

what i've been searching for...

I'm sorry I'm not very supportive
And that I don't always understand
I'm sorry I'm distracting
And that I don't always take your hand

I'm sorry I'm easily confused
And that I never know the right thing to say
I'm sorry that I'm easily upset
And that I sometimes take things the wrong way

I'm sorry I'm hard to get along with
And that I'm not always in a good mood
I'm sorry that I am often grumpy
And that I can't think of anything that rhymes aside from 'food'

I'm sorry I'm not too fun to spend tiome with
And that sometimes I just don't give a fuck
I'm sorry I'm a stress head
And that all of my poems suck

-18 days-


Ben said...

You have some awesome poetry-writing skills Leish :). I'm impressed

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