Friday, September 25, 2009

maybe if my heart stops beating it wont hurt this much...

so, school is over for another term. which is great and awful at the same time. I only have to work for the first and last weekends of the holiday and there is no school... so looking forward to monday. first chance to 'sleep' in since last holidays. which shall be nice...

but there is so much work to do. im kind of freaking out cos i dont know when im going to find time to do any work this holidays. i also have to get a whole bunch of email addresses from Green Team people (church kids who volunteer at schoolies week) for a tourism assignment that i should have started already... i have to find the time to build a model of the freaking STONEHENGE of all things. not to mention write a 2000 word comparitive essay on two books, one of which i havent even gotten around to re-reading yet. and on top of all of this, im hardly going to be at home all holidays. when the hell am i going to find time...?


another term over, and still i feel like i have hardly achieved anything. what has changed since last holidays? i mean, for crying out loud, its the end of freaking september and i havent DONE anything this year. i mean what use have i made of the past nine months? nothing.

and no, for the record, im not one of the three or four pregnant people we know at the moment. that is NOT what i have done in the past nine months :p

plus, i was supposed to go out tomorrow night... and now i dont know if i can... :'( which means that i have to find a way to tell serena that i cant come and she might be disappointed. well, im disappointed anyway........

cos the football is on. which means i cant get there. and then we have people over for dinner. which means i cant get home. and i have work the next morning at 8. which means i cant just sleep over. and you moved to freaking Klemzig. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US? sorry... i know its not your fault... :(

anyway, today over all was a little shitty. and im sorry to anyone who i was grouchy with/am yet to be grouchy with.

in other news, i now have super mario galaxy on my phone :D

Merry Holidays Everyone! and to all a... not so happy new term...?

-27 days-


Serena said...

hey, babe :) like i said, you were there in spirit :P

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