Wednesday, September 2, 2009

and i get scared but im not crawling on my knees...

how could i fail? I've never failed anything in my life. I'm scared of failing. the lowest grade i ever got was like... a high C. I'm not happy with 15 out of 20... how the hell am i supposed to be happy with a fail if i cant be happy with a 15 out of 20?

You know i was having a great day before that. psych was fun; laughing about lesbian orgies and spaghetti girls.

even english was fun, right up until the end. when i found out i had failed something. that was a bit of a mood dampener. and i then spent lunch thinking of different ways to kill the rockmuncher for failing me for not including a storyline summary (which she had told me not to include)

during biology my relief teacher picked up my story notebook and read the prologue and the start of the first chapter of a story im starting to write and randomly decided iu should send it to womens weekly and went on about how theyd pay me good money for it. something about a few thousand dollars while i sat there thinking 'bullshit' lol. anywho, if you want to read the prologue (and the rest of it as i write it) go here.

And yeah... Now im going to clean my room and it shall be fun :D

-4 days-


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