Sunday, July 19, 2009

Since Branden is a Stupid-Brain-Smelly-Poo-Head (yeah, real mature :] )...

Kelly, Harper, Miranda, Hayley, Tiffany, Audrey, Amelia, Katherine, Shannon, Crystal, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Jane, Vanessa, Lisa, Madeleine, Alice, Anna, Matilda, Carrie, Marianne, Tara, Belinda/Belle, Loraine/Lori/Lorrie, Anya, Emily, Madison, Sierra, Savannah

Tyler, Caleb, Aaron, Daniel, Oliver, Owen, William/Will, Declan, James, Dean, Dimitri, Austen, Andrew/Drew, Zeke, Sullivan, Nathan, Noah, Logan, Timothy, Ian

I need three girls names, and two boys names. Please comment and let me know what you like best. :) Thanks.


shootingatspiders said...

for girls id say Amelia (or maybe audrey :S), Alice and Carrie.
for boys i'd say caleb and oliver.
but thats just me :)
PS, your blog is looking uber pretty, love the flower. do you like my piano pick?

Lauren said...

Leish's blog is uber pretty but mine is uber AWESOME.

My new blog that is.


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