Thursday, July 23, 2009

its the last day on earth in my dreams...

Oh. Em. Gee.

waa.... i swear i posted a blog at school and now its not here. -cries- im seriously sad. i mean it wasnt even about anything much but... waaaa. thats sad. and stupid.

Anywho. I bought a new iPod tonight. It's a blue 8 GB nano and its sooooooooo pretty. and i love it. and i've missed having an iPod. theyre so pretty and awesome and oh my god i think im in love. lol.

yeah, im weird.


shootingatspiders said...

yay for leisha! And the other blog has shown up in my followers updates, no idea where it is.
I am glad that you like blue because when my mp3 player dies, i want purple :)
and there shall be peace and harmony in the land. Unless my sister gets a purple one again...

shootingatspiders said...

my bad, the one that showed up is here, just further down.
lol, fail louise.

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