Wednesday, July 22, 2009

not wrapping this in ribbons, i shouldn't have to give a reason why...

Maybe I have gone crazy. Maybe there is something just... really fucked up about me. Maybe that's why I'm acting like a stranger lately.

What do you do when even you don't like who you are? What do you do when you're slowly driving everyone away? What can you change when you don't even know what is wrong? How are you supposed to let people help you when you can't help yourself? How can you let someone in when you don't knwo what is wrong?

I would never, ever, ever for a second stop caring about you. Ever. But if you can doubt that I care about you then I've obviously failed. If you can doubt how important you are to me, even for a second, then I have failed. And if I've failed you... Then I must have failed pretty much everyone.

I'm sorry. I'm just... Really sorry...


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