Sunday, July 26, 2009

if i miss you like rain will you remember my name tomorrow...

I picked up my coffee cup and leant against the window, feeling the warmth from the coffee heat my cold, shaky hands, watching the July rain beat down outside. I sighed bitterly, there was so much left to do before the end of the weekend and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t force myself to move from the window.

I felt tears fall down my cheeks and knew that I should have stopped them. I knew that I mustn’t allow myself to fall into that trap. I couldn’t cry. I wouldn’t let myself. Placing my mug down, I stood up and began to walk towards my computer.

I tripped over. Tripped over nothing. Because that is just how uncoordinated I am. I was on the floor. I was in pain. I was already crying. I lay down, curled up and allowed myself to be consumed by my tears, by my pain, by my fear.


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