Friday, July 17, 2009

do you know whats worth fighting for when its not worth dying for?

There's something about missing you that is different to missing anyone else.

It's easy to miss someone. Easy. Indeed, it's even easy to cope with missing someone. Or at least just any person who you like, or enjoy being with.

But add emotions, real raw emotions, to it... And everything becomes suddenly harder to cope with. Add genuine feelings, genuine love... And it becomes harder to cope with...

But it's when you get to the point where you feel like a part of you is missing... Like without that other piece you just... You can't function properly.

Sure, you can make it through the day. But... You feel like everything is just a little bit wrong, like you should be happier, like someone else should be there beside you, experiencing everything with you. Like a piece of your heart has mysteriously disappeared...

Or when you miss him so much, that it physically hurts to be apart from him for any longer.

That is when you know.

That is when you know you love him. When everything feels right when he is beside you. When he smiles and and the whole world feels right. He lights up my life, makes me smile when i feel like crying (as cliche as that sounds), tells my im cute and beautiful and all of the most wonderful things that i wish i could be (but somehow dont believe i am), he shows me i am truly loved.

For those of you who miss someone like that right now... I feel sorry for you.


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