Tuesday, March 31, 2009

you caught me on a bad day...

otherwise i might have been more understanding. even though you didnt realise (until you read this eventually i guess) that you left me crying at my desk. not that that was up to you really... But... yeah...

the weekend you say...? but the weekend is so far away... does friday constitute as the weekend? not that i'll be home until after 10.15 anyway...

or that i'll be home til 3 on saturday. or 6 on sunday...

in fact.. i am going to stop right there. because the path my thoughts are following is just getting more and more pathetic.


shootingatspiders said...

your not pathetic.
Well ok maybe you are.
And if your determined to think your pathetic, I won't stop you.
But it is an acceptable sort of pathetic.
I mean, I can tell you some real pathetic.
Me, today.
I nearly cried in music, just from listening to never think and being depressive for no damn reason.
-hates hormones-

good thing I had an hour and a bit at home alone, I needed that to sew myself together again.
But this is not about me, its about you.

And how uh....
i love you?
PS tradocl

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