Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my ultimate patheticness...

You know what's quite stupid? Because i've been listening to Love Song by Taylor Swift, I was thinking about my wedding. I mean, I may not even get married. Who knows?

'He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said -
Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone
I love you and thats all i really know
I talked to your dad - go pick out a white dress
Its a love story, baby just say...

But... the thing is, i know pretty much how i want most parts of my wedding. i mean... Theres plenty of stuff i havent even bagan to think about. But there is so much that i think about and just go, 'yep, its going to be exactly like this.'

For instance my wedding dress. I know EXACTLY what my wedding dress is going to look like. Exactly. (and if any of you lovely girlies steal it, there'll be consequences :P) ...(totally not kidding lol). I can picture exactly how i will look, and i know who would at this stage be my bridesmaids.

I can see the flowers, and the tables at the reception. I can picture almost everything...

Why is it that we care so much about one day anyway?

I don't really know... But I do. (teehee 'i do'... not intended lol). I can't explain it, i just... I'm not engaged, or anywhere close to it lol. But my wedding day is already a huge big deal to me. And to be honest i guess i dont know why.

I suppose it means i've found someone who loves me enough to want to spend the rest of their life with me. And that would be no easy feat, believe me. But the fact that that would mean i'd found someone stupid enough to want to be with me, who loves me enough... And i guess your wedding day is a day to make that known and stuff... i cant express it, but it makes perfect sense in my head. Yeah, thats great Leish, not much good to anyone bothing to read this eh?

it doesnt even matter. i probably wont get married anyway. And lauren, 'i shall end an old maid and teach your children how to sew and knit'.


lovereigno'erme said...

Whateverrr. :P
Methinks I'll be the one teaching your kids how to wreak havoc and take dru.........

sew and knit.



I kid, I kid.
But out of you and me, you're the one most likely to get married, lol. That said, I've started planning my wedding. In Autumn, out in the hills, sun shining down through the goldren trees as I say my vows, a light dusting of rain whilst the sun still shines...


ok, ok. I've planned it down to the last weather detail. I haven't yet accepted that that may be out of my control. However, no matter where I get married and when, no one is ever, EVER, taking my ten-tiered chocolate cake away from me.

Cindy said...

'Methinks I'll be the one teaching your kids how to wreak havoc and take dru.........

sew and knit.


You teach my kids to take drugs, you die. lol. nah, im serious :P

and as for the cake, you can have it. lol

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