Friday, March 20, 2009

a new point of veiw, a walk in your shoes...

i wish i could get inside your head to see what you see when you look at me. who am i to you? or to him? or to her? does it matter? maybe it does. maybe i dont like who i am. maybe i never did. maybe none of you ever liked me. maybe you never will again. maybe the one who do love me unconditionally are the only ones that matter anymore.

I wish i could see myself through your eyes. i'd love to see how you see me, because i honestly dont understand how you could see me the way you do... but you do, so... i wish i could see myself the way you see me.

I wish i would see myself through your eyes. i want to see who i am to you, who i've been. why this is happening. whether its just because of all of this shit or because you were just waiting for an excuse. because you've hated me this much all along.

you hurt me. i hope you know that. i really hope you do. the things you said, the way you said it... well... it just hurt. it was rude, mean, and unnecessary. i cannot even look at you anymore im that sad... im so sad and im so mad. im smad. lol... i just... i wish i could see inside your head to see why you do what you do, the way your brain works. why youre so quick to listen and jump to conclusions. you did it before and i forgave you because i was so upset with her, but this time... i know she hates me. im accepting that. slowly. but... im mostly upset with you. if shes had enough fine.


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