Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wouldnt you rather be a widow than a divorcee

okay so i totally dont have time to be blogging i should be doing legal studies work but oh well... lol. that line is just so weird. i mean... is it like encouraging you to kill them rather than divorce them? like what the hell?

Being silent is actually sorta easier than i expected. theres so many painted white faces walking around our school today, all in protest of slavery in south america and asia and africa and such.

teehee me and louise have our mime act pretty well sorted... its kinda weird though. i was doing that fake box thing, you know where you reach your hands out around you and pretend to reach walls as though youre in a box? yeah... and to be honest right now thats what i feel like. like im shoved in a box. for some people its a box of treasured possessions to be keep special and safe, while others have me in a box of worthless bits and pieces that theyre waiting to throw out, or just push to the back of a cupboard and forget about.

i feel like i cant show most of you who i am anymore... for fear of the rejection i got when i actually started being me, when i came out of my shell a bit and stopped being so completely fake. and now i've lost some of the more important people in my life... and im too scared to really be me anymore because im so so afraid that the rest of you will leave me too...

face paint is itchy. lol.


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