Monday, March 9, 2009

the time is currently 12.15 am. i am at laurens place, SLEEPOVER YAY! lol theres me simone kelsey and lauren. i think kel and simone are fairly tame but me and lauren i swear we are so high that it wouldnt surprise me if someone thought we were on drugs lol. we arent by the way. but so far tonight we have consumed a hell of a lot of junk food, watched both mona lisa smile and erin brockovich (all you got is two wrong feet and ****ing ugly shoes :P). we also watched the start of jumper.

we then went outside to look at the stars and decided that not only were we cold, but it was also insanely pretty. and so we went for a walk. we hung out on the playground across the road and then got about as far as the conrner before getting caught. lol

Then of course we come back here, giggling and completely high... lol and decide that we want to do something else stupid. like oh i dont know, jump in a freezing cold pool. hell yes. we were in for oh i dont know... a whole of about two minutes before getting out. lol

now we're just hyperactive and thinking maybe coffee would be good right now... teehee

Night everybody!


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