Friday, March 27, 2009

supervised is fun :P ~giggles at lauren~

my blog is blocked on school computers. that makes me so sad. and so mad. im so smad. (and lame lol)

but seriously waaaaaa.

now people cant log on during school and read my many posts about my boring life.

anyway... maybe i should stop with the middle of the night messages eh? or stop talking to you so much on msn... that make get rid of the suspicions i guess.... but... that means not talking to you so much... And i dont get to talk to you enough as is. ):

so i suppose thats out. i guess they can put up with their suspicions and we'll keep neither confirming nor denying them.

although i dont really know...

anyway for those of you who have no idea what i was talking about im changing the subject now anyway.

so im supposed to be doing work in the library but i cant think of any work i actually have that needs completing. so im just... not...

i was writing some more of my story and i wrote like... two sentences. Yep. a whole twenty four words. lol. such a productive lesson.

and the rest of the day will be pretty boring too. nothing interesting going on, and no lessons that require much work.







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