Thursday, March 5, 2009

im so sorry... about your face!

there ain't no motive for this crime...

is there a motive for the way we're all treating each other at the moment? Well... yes, i suppose there is. Those who have been bitched about recently, i'd like to point out that generally there is a reason for it.

Some of you know exactly what that is and you're working on it... Others, like me, are confused as to what we did and really just want someone who is honest enough to tell them what they've done wrong... And then there's others who have been told and wont listen... there are others who know what they're doing and continue to do it anyway for the hell of it.

Congratulations to those working on it. You're doing a brilliant job. You really are.

To those who have no idea, im sorry you're as confused as I am. And if anyone out there is bitching about these people, the ones who truely didnt realise they'd done anything wrong... Just tell us so that we can fix it.

Those of you who wont listen, well maybe you need to start taking in the things you've been told a million times now that you just keep brushing off.

And those of you who do it for the hell of it, well you all need to grow up.

Gosh, if you dont give people stuff to bitch about then they wont. or they shouldnt.

If someone is upset with you, then maybe you need to realise why. Maybe you need to put yourself in their shoes and think about why they might be upset or angry. Wouldn't you be just the same if situations were reversed?


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