Sunday, November 29, 2009

why did you come over here tonight? you know i thought we talked this over yesterday...

i feel really sad today... and i dont know why...

i mean, stuff is kinda shit. but... it's been shit for a while now. i shouldnt be randomly feeling sad now...

oh, and about thursday... thanks heaps. now im being clingy :\ fine when theres someone like you or glitter around to be clingy to but... a freaking pain in the arse the rest of the time.

i have to work in 2 hours. dont want to today... then again i guess i never really do and then i get there and its not so bad but... this time of year sucks arse. cos its just so busy.

for a while i was all like 'sweet, eight and a half weeks of nothing to do, no where to be. time to relax. time to be me again without all this stress.'

but you know i think i've realised that just having no school doesnt make life any less busy. theres still so much stuff to do.

and the list.

you know. the list of things that we/i've gone 'after school...' or 'in the holidays...' well its fucking never ending. there is so much stuff i have to do this holidays. plus im working like half of each week. its kinda messing with my head. i feel like i dont have enough time.

i think someone (maybe lauren...?) said the other day something about almost ten months of stress for eight and a half weeks of peace. well i suppose so to an extent.

you know what im craving more than almost anything though? a day where i have -nothing- to do. where i can sit on my arse all day and not have to be going out, or working or... whatever.

of course the only thing that could top that is having him here too...

but you know. never going to happen. so why bother even wishing right...?

-sigh- i shouldnt see him... it makes me miss him more...........

-4 days-


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