Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'm looking for the peace to find some sleep tonight...

so... i donwnloaded firefox finally. and i like. its pretty. and pink. and i have colourful tabs. which makes me smile.

i lost three and a half kilos this week. that also makes me smile.

aside from that, pretty boring day.

was in a bit of a bad mood.

although slightly hyper at the same time.

definitely a comfort foody kinda day.

you know what the best comfort food in the whole world is? jatz, with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

you know what i need?


im just so tired...

its like my capacity to think (or brain as i told deb and lauren earlier this week), has just gone completely out the window. i cant do it. i cant think straight and so half the stuff i say comes out sounding stupider than i normally sound. which is you know, not good.

my ability to cope with things and deal with things and handle things has gone out the window. like i keep crying. just all the time. the tiniest thing happens and BAM! tears. like i was sitting there in the library today. and for no reason at all tears just kept welling up in my eyes and they wouldnt stop. i almost cried in nutrition. for no reason. at all. whatsoever. mrs irving lost my work. then told me i only got 15 out of 20 for it. i came so close to crying its not funny. but when theres no one around... the tears just dont stop.

i have two stupid assignments left. one that i just have to edit my draft. the other i just have to analyse 3 poems in dot points. not even write an essay. and i just cant do it... i just cant.

i want this to be over. i need the school year to just end. im hanging out for next tuesday. and after that, thursday. and after that friday. i cant wait. i just wish it'd come now...
-51 days-


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