Wednesday, November 25, 2009

we all learn to make mistakes and run from them from them with no direction...

Dear you,

it doesnt matter. you know you havent even asked me how i am in three days...?

Love me.


Dear Edward Cullen,

But Cedric, you're d-d-d-d-dead...?

From Harry Potter


Dear You,

Last night was fun :) -giggles- the guy next to me kept laughing at us. it made me laugh harder. lol. Anywho, i had fun. and OH MY GOD! lol.

Love Me.


Dear You and You,

I'm seeing you soon. coffee! woooooooooo! :D

Love Me.


Dear You,

Shopping in the morning will be fun. Hope I can cheer you up a little...

Love Me.


Dear You,

I'm glad you're okay...

Love Me


Dear Rufus,

You belong in jail.

-61 days-


shootingatspiders said...

are we ohmygoding about the thing thats cheesy to agree with but impossible not to?

and I have GOT to write that crossover.

Twilight, HP, Cat in the hat, Sweeney Todd, Finding Nemo.
Can't remember how e got finding nemo into it in the first place, but oh well. Who cares!

love you too, can't wait to go shoe shopping tomorrow, a nice typical girlie activity for us :D

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

i need to find some shoes too. my grandma wants me to find some for my christmas present. not sure what time it'll be though babe. cos it'll have to be after steph leaves.

and yes that is what we are ohmygoding.

and you so do. who knows/cares how finiding nemo got into it.

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