Friday, November 6, 2009

be nobody but yourself each day in a world that is trying to make you into somebody else...

so i was talking to a friend of mine... and now i want your opinion. your answers. what you think in response to this statement. please comment. unregistered users/anonyomous users are allowed to comment too, so please do.

how do you stay clean in a world soaked with filth?
-40 days-...=(


shootingatspiders said...

My first response to that is that you sound like a religious fundamentalist.
Which took a bit to get past I must say.
But then I thought about how I feel like empty actless loveless suffocating fundamentalism is a huge part of the filth in this world, because it is meant to act to improve it, to shine a little light and it does not. Fundamentalist religious types have the faith(sometimes) that was meant to be the difference in the world and they either keep it to themselves or do not understand it at all.

So how do we stay clean of that shit??
Remember its there.
As often as you can.
Remember that you are capable of being a part of the solution just as much as you are already a part of the problem.

And break out, break out with spontaneity, action, justice, hope, love.

Make a difference, by being different.

if only it were that easy...

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