Saturday, October 17, 2009

i think i'll pace my apartgment a few times and fall asleep on the couch and wake up to black and white reruns...

this is just a post to inform you all that i fail with technology and if you get any nonsensical messages, incomplete messages or just random blank messages from me, blame my serious ability to literally repel technology.

i mean, first i wash my ipod... and then i drop my phone into a sink of hot water. i mean, at least my phone still... mostly works... by which i mean, sometimes works... by which i mean that i sent him about three thousand weird messages that made no sense (cos i'd like press the '2' and it would type a 't') before it decided to let me send him one explaining that. also, if i dont get your message, dont call me angrily lol. anyway, this time it wassnt completely my fault. to be fair, i wash pushed. whilst not paying much attention. whilst messaging him. keeping in mind how uncoordinated i am....

yeah. i fail. :D yay.

actually, now that my phone decided to turn itself off and my 'unlock/menu/send' button has decided to fail and not work and hate me and make my life difficult, i dont think its going to work at all... shiiiiiiiit
-20 days-


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