Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and we've got everybody singing...

i complained. i know i did.

but it was a great weekend.

actually surprisingly more fun than usual. i suppose everyone is a little older.

we didnt do what we normally do, we branched out a little, tried some new things.

and it was fun really. i just... missed him... and was in pain... and omg it was so fucking cold. like seriously, swear to god, i went to bed every night wearing 3 jumpers, 1 jacket, 1 long sleeve shirt, 2 tshirts, 3 pairs of trackies, one pair of pj pants and four pairs of socks. i also had like a million and one blankets. i swear it WAS that cold. lol.

but it was good. it was nice to have a break :)


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