Friday, October 2, 2009

...cos i'm not...

I'm sorry, I was just re-reading your posts... And the comments made on them... Just to make sure I wasn't over reacting too much...

And in your first post... I hadn't even seen your comment until about five seconds ago...

I merely explained to you that it had nothing to do with her, that I would have talked to her about it if it did.

And you respond with what?

'Get off my fucking back! I even apologised to you you stupid bitch! Now leave me alone!'

A) i see absolutely NO apology until three posts later... and B) why the hell should I accept or respect it if you call me a stupid bitch?

Before I was considering that I was over reacting. That maybe the friends who were telling me to lay off, to calm down, to get over it... That maybe they were right. But they weren't.

Don't you dare say I am over reacting. Don't you fucking dare.


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