Tuesday, April 7, 2009

so i'll lay down my pride because you laid down your life and im giving up all thats holding me back and clinging to you... you'll lead me through, cos you always do...

i was wondering why, what keeps me alive when the water i drink and the air that i breathe is dry?

one thing i do know is that even if the stars fall like rain, even if tomorrow never came, even if the world i know should crumble, even if the sun left the sky, even if these tears will never dry, even if the mountains fall and tumble... i realise this time i'll be fine cos you give me joy, you give me hope, you give me love that never changes... you love me for who i am... all the torn, broken pieces... and for that, i will be eternally grateful...


Kraxpelax said...

Excuse my haste, but time is running out.

Personal announcement!

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-Best wishes,
Peter Ingestad, Sweden

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