Sunday, April 26, 2009

i put my faith in you, so much faith...

I'm curious about whether I'm the only one who isn't quite ready to go back yet. I mean... I don't know. School. The 'best years of your life'...? Well, I don't know about you. But I'm having a little difficulty seeing that.

It's the work. It's the politics. It's the friends you make. And it's the friends you lose. It's the stupid things that make everything turn to crap. It's the silliest things that make you feel like you're on top of the world. One of my friends has it about right. 'Welcome to my roller coaster' she said. Well, that's it.

School. Our 'roller coaster'. Our lives that are filled with ups and downs that mean the world to us now.

While it may have been one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time, it had a point. 'When you're young, everything feels like the end of the world.'

And it does. It's a big deal now. But in ten years, we'll look back and it probably won't matter. You know why they think it's the best? It's like when we look back on our camps, and we forget the times we cried, we forget the lack of sleep, we forget the boring museums and galleries, we forget the fights, we forget the petty bitching, we forget the guys we had crushes on who snubbed us, we forget the traumatic bus ride (whether it was the first or last on Canberra for those of you who were there i don't know. Have to say last for me, no offense meant to Mercy or Louise. I love you both lol). In short, we forget the bad parts. And yet we still sit around saying, 'hey, do you remember....' or 'i want to go back to KI...' or 'this camp would have been better with soandso there as well...'

They look back on high school as see it as their best years because they leave out all the crap. The leave out the sense of isolation. They leave out the bitching and the tears (especially those they caused themself). The homework (ugh, must do that :S). They remember the best parts. The laughter. The stupid lunchtimes. The corruptions of once innocent minds. The jokes. The friendships.

The people who mattered to them and meant something to them, and the good times they've shared.

So I guess that's the aim for school. Not to focus on the negatives. And not to let things get us down. To enjoy the fun we can have together, the relationships we can build back up to something stronger that before. To remember that now, while we're young, everything seems like the end of the world. And that one day... It won't be so bad.



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