Wednesday, April 29, 2009

should you have any IT related problems...

dont come to me.

i feel like im drunk. if this is what im like when i am drunk then dont ever let me get drunk. im so bleh. nothing i say makes much sense at the moment cos the thing is the i dont messed head up. and then realised that makes sense. wait. no sense.


like shunshine.

i mean sunshine

only with out the sun.

i feel like im drunk. did i say that already? theres something wrong with me. really wrong with me. bleh. schools over in ten minutes. yay. but i dont get to go home until 4.30 so that saddness me. thingo has ouch.

the whatsamejig sucks. i dont want to. i want to whats the word? sleep. i remember. she made me remember. im such a loser. im so tired. bleh.

bad days suck. they drain you of whatsythingo.

this post probably makes no sense. ignore me.


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