Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my darling you will never know how elegant you'll always be to me...

and now i dont even remember. i just logged on to actually SAY something but i havent got a clue what on earth it was.

so, chinese new year. i cant type. or spell for that matter. and sam...? why was i writing about chinese new year? Oh, to bring up a new topic that hasn't really been brought into our blogging ... 'ring'...?

OCD. yes. that is me. you know i was thinking im like actually totally monica from friends lol. she's like my carbon copy. or am i hers...? idk. but then again considering you guys think branden is ross (also fairly accurate) then maybe not... cos that would make me going out with my brother and that would just be...

incest. lol. remember that letter i wrote you telling you i loved you that somehow lead to me blabbing on and on about incest. and how it wasnt in an incestial way (incestial...? is that a word?)cos i said something about you being like my brother...? idk... but i randomly thought of that cos sam said im ocd.

which i am.

purple is pretty.

i cant spell.

i love you.


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