Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cos i cried a river over you...

So. Challenge for this year dearies is this: COMMENT ON EVERY BLOG YOU READ.

i mean gosh, how depressing is it to log on and open your blog and go 'no one commented :( again :( i guess no one reads my blog.... :(' and we all think it. admit it.

so from now on, everyone comment on everyone elses. even if you have nothing to say and leave a random comment such as 'fish poo purple strepsils glass haribrush love you'

lets quit being so... idk. ..idk. lets just comment on each others blogs and make each other feel speciful :D


ps, louise staberfail and aberfail are great other names. staberfoyle is still best though.


Sally-Sal said...

Today you made a difference.

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

I totally logged on and thought 'Yay! I has a comment!' and it made me happy. Thanks Sal.

Lauren said...

I'm really bad at commenting on people's blogs. I'm like, I'll talk to them on msn/at school anyway. And then on other people's blogs who I don't know in 'real life' (like Sal) I get all shy and I'm like 'they totally don't care what I have to say and I'll probably say the wrong thing anyway', which sucks coz her blog and all the other ones I read are amazing. Maybe my belated new year's resolution should be to chnage that? Or, to change that and get all my school reading done. Yeah. :D Anyway, I'll stop spamming up your blog and move on to spamming up my own. Love you. xx

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

whoo yay. i dont care if youre bad at commenting lauren. do it anyway. and when my internet allows, i shall comment on yours etc. cos my internet kinda sucks... but still. its kinda exciting to log on and see 3 comments rather than none. xx

Serena said...

Make that four :)

You rock! And fishsnacks beetles and juice made out of bad blood. We are not in the habit of eating squirrels.

Love uuuu!

Write some more stories!

shootingatspiders said...

I hope you are prepared for a barrage of random crap. Serena has covered enough for now, and she does it better than I do :) And I am totally prepared for aberfail to come second to stabberfoyle, I'm just proud to have thought of the second :D

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...


I'm actually writing one at the moment that i dont completely hate. like, YAY!

Love uuu too!

And Louise, of course I am. I just think it's exciting when I get comments. And I'm sure others feel the same way. So yeah. :D

Sally-Sal said...

Just for the record, I love both of you two. Cinderella, and Lauren. And feel free to say whatevs on my blog. I don't stand on ceremony :)

Windshadows said...

fish poo purple strepsils glass haribrush love you

Happy? :P

♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

Aww, thanks Sal :D Fair sure, we both love you too :)

And Kel, yes. I am happy. thank you :)

Lauren said...

Awww thanks Sal. :) I love you too!

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