Saturday, January 23, 2010

and he'll zap you anyway he can, ZAP!

Big Week Out is over for another year. That makes me quite sad... I don't know if i wrote about BWO last year or not. But I do have a little to say this year.

For those of you who don't know what it is BWO is basically a week where youth from the local churches come together and worship and serve the community. which may not sound like much fun. but it is. exhausting, yet fun.

so this week i sprained my wrist. And i know, you're all thinking 'how? some strenuous heavy lifting? you fell over?' but to be honest, i did it doing nothing. i know. how boring. couldn't i have done it like... i don't know... falling off a unicycle or something? at least that would have been interesting...? lol.

anyway. basically what this means is that for most of the week I've only had the use of one hand, being my left hand. and I'm right handed and rather heavily reliant on the use of my right hand. which means that I've been having fun trying to remember not to wave, hi five people, open doors, open bags, open drink bottles, paint train station murals, dance, and babysit (and probably many more that i cant think of right now) with my right hand, but rather struggling to do all of the above things with my inadequate left hand.

i suppose this event is one that impacts on my personal growth. and especially on my relationship with god... i guess even though its so tiring, strenuous and at times downright stressful and frustrating, the week has essentially been very refreshing for me. i suppose i needed it. although up until i got there i was still going 'oh... i don't know... maybe I'd be better off working... and sleeping in.. and seeing Charming... and new people, new people are scary, do i have to meet new people?'

but i have to say, some of the new people I've met are amazing. some of the people i already knew but have gotten to know that much better are amazing. and the opportunity to build these relationships over a week of working together is just awesome.

one particular day, i visited a nursing home with a group of five of us (including spike) where we attended a birthday party for three elderly residents and visited for a while with a lovely lady named Betty who showed us all of this craft work that she'd made including these adorable eggs and some photos of her great-grandkids. after said nursing home visit our group still had about an hour to kill so we decided to go to woodcroft shopping centre on the way home. we decided to go to a cafe thingo and get a coffee or whatever and sit around and chat until it was time to head back. i bought a pepsi. and then bought a milkshake for another guy in our group cos hes only like in yr 9... wait. no going into yr 10 this year. and had like not money and stuff. and i was like aww its not fair that we're all sitting here eating and drinking and shit and he isnt. so i bought him a milkshake. and then later in the car on the way back our leader asked us what the best thing about our day was. and this guy said 'well personally i really enjoyed my milkshake.' basically im sharing this story cos it made me happy. lol. the fact that he enjoyed the milkshake and that i bought it for him idk... he was just realy appreciative of it. and idk... when people are that grateful about a milkshake, you know you've done a good thing.

anywhoooo... im off now.

ps, like my new blog template? i totally do :D


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