Wednesday, January 27, 2010

all i can do is dream of you the whole night through...

Dear Last Ever First Day Back,

You were rather anticlimatic. All we heard all day was that we need to study and work hard and push ourselves and be good role models and reach our full potention rahrahrah. This of of course leads to me stressing myself out even more than I already was. That is at least until I got home and realised I don't even have any homework...

I guess it wasn't too bad.

Dear Strepsils,

You soothe my throat with your Honey and Lemon-ey goodness. I think it's love. ♥


Dear Queen Bitch-face,

I know you're in some weird funk at the moment and its making you hate everyone. But it would be really nice if you tried smiling and saying nothing instead of emotional abuse.


Dear School,

I know it's weird. But I'm actually kinda looking forward to spending 5 days a week in you over about 32 weeks in the coming months (Jeez Leish, can't just say 'spending time in you' or something easier like that?). I mean, ask me in a week or two when the work has really started and I''m completely weighed down with assignments, and I may not necessarily agree with myself. In fact I'll probably plea temporary insanity........


Dear Charming,

I know youre probably sick of me saying this... But I'm actually really kinda... Idk, annoyed? Weirded out? idk which... That my dad doesnt even know your fucking NAME! I mean, gosh.

How retarded.

I miss you :( even though I only just saw you yesterday... But still... :(

kthxbai xx

Dear Lady GaGa,

What exactly is a Disco Stick?

That is all.

Dear Bratty Little Children,

The term is 'Rewind' not 'Fast-Backwards'.


Dear whats-your-face,

You're pissing me off. Like seriously. There were points today where I could have screamed at you. I really don't like being taken for granted by people. So you know... If you want to be my friend, can you be my friend all the time and not just when there's no one else? Yeh? Cos if not that's fine. Just... Don't pretend to like me and bitch behind my back. Cos I really do not have the patience to deal with back-stabbing and bitching this year. So if that's the way you're going to behave then you can stay away from me.


Dear Gitterbell,

Looking at some of your pics is reminding me of how much fun some of this holidays has been. It's flown by so fast. Let's make this year a good year too, mmk??


Dear Bitch,

You made me break my promise not to bitch :\

Cut it out mmk?



Serena said...

I sincerely hope I'm not one of those mean people.

You rock my world forever, not just sometimes, k?

Love uuu


♥ Cinderella ♥ said...

Honey, you could NEVER be one of those mean people. Besides, you're never MEAN!

and rba missy.

Love uuu too


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